Chun-Li Mini Bust

Series I


Chun-Li also known as the Blue Jade is the first female fighter in the Street Fighter series and an expert Kenpo martial artist seeking revenge for the death of her father. This official Capcom licensed merchandise features Chun Li in her ultra muscular body and dual black hair buns. Start your collection of the Street Fighter Mini Bust Series I from Squip.

  • 2.88″ L x 1.73″ W x 3.5″ H
  • Digitally manufactured Mini-Bust with hand-detailed enhancements. Chun Li is in her traditional blue fighter outfit and braided hair. Chun-Li shows off her accentuating characteristics and facial intensity in a composed style.
  • Recreated based on the in-game character model.
  • Custom made with a unique hardened synthetic polymer material for durability and rigidity
  • Mini Bust sits on an elevated base allowing it to be properly displayed for everyone’s enjoyment
  • The product is official Capcom merchandise with licensor markings under the base.
  • Packaged in a branded Squip box on the inside to protect the figure during shipment.

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