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Customize your Champion

Custom Sculpture


Our custom statues are created using our groundbreaking method of high-resolution fabrication. Our artists can bring your World of Warcraft characters to life from the virtual world.

WoW Classic & The Burning Crusade Equipped

Dominate the dark portal with our newest classic armor sets. Equip your retail character with The Burning Crusade armor sets.

Shadowlands Ready

We’re ready and waiting for your character’s latest journeys into the newest realm.

Quality Worthy of an Azeroth Champion

Featuring high definition detail, new customization options, and made with our strongest material yet.

Prepared For All Regions and All Realms

For wherever you are in the world, and wherever you venture in the game, the only thing you’ll be limited by is your imagination.

All Are One Under the Veil!

Options specifically designed to all factions and covenants.

Incased in Glory

We package your designs like the Tol’Virs package their ancestors. Tough, Secure and Built to last.

  • Your creation arrives in a FREE, beautiful, protective glass dome, ready to display.
  • Packaged in a Squip and World of Warcraft® branded sturdy box with a foam cushion on the inside to protect the statue during shipment.
  • Please click here to review the frequently asked questions related to shipping times and product quality

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